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Mary Whipple is a three time Olympian, she is a two-time Olympic gold medalist in the London 2012 and the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and winning Silver in her first appearance at the Athens 2004.  She was the coxswain of the US Women’s 8+ Rowing Team.  Her team was honored as the US Olympic Team of the Year in 2012 for their performance at the London Olympics.  Mary has coxed the women's team to five world championships. 


She has been named one of the select 2012 US Olympic Team for Tomorrow Athlete Ambassadors speaking to youth about her passion for rowing and fulfilling her Olympic dreams.  Mary has a Master’s Degree in Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership from the University of Washington and graduated high school from Sacramento Adventist Academy.     


She speaks to audiences about developing leadership techniques, the opportunities and challenges of building a winning team including the transition from individual contributor on the team to being the team leader, and her journey as an Olympic athlete. 

We invited Mary to speak at one of our annual conference, which are networking events for international luxury real estate brokers. Exuding passion and charm she shared the story of her Olympic successes - the determination, teamwork and refusal to quit. She expertly applied these theories to the business world. Our attendees came away feeling inspired, with renewed energy to recharge their businesses! 

Meghan Barry, President,


For years I've stared at and wondered about the old wooden boat resting on the top rack of the UW boathouse. I knew the names of the boys that rowed it but never really knew who they were.  After reading this book, I feel like I got to relive their journey and witness what it was truly like earning a seat in the Pocock shell.  The passion and determination showed by Joe and the rest of the boys in the boat are what every rower aspires to. I will never look at that wooden boat the same again.

Mary Whipple, back cover quote for Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown

London 2012
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